29 October 1853

Advice to Parishioners

St Michael’s Church, Brixton Deverill

The Rev. W. Barnes has issued the following timely letter to his parishioners: –

1st. Be clean in your persons and habits
2nd. Remove all kinds of filth from, and about your houses.
3rd. Clean and whitewash every corner of your dwellings
4th. See that your pigsties and cesspools be not near your dwellings; and have them both cleansed, and the latter covered over.
5th. Keep your drains open; and have as much running-water through them as possible.
6th. Open your windows in the morning, and turn down the coverings of your beds to let in as much air as possible, for an hour or two at least.
7th. Let your food be plain and wholesome, and take care that the water you use be pure and clean.
8th. Avoid drunkenness; and “be temperate in all things”
9th. Do not eat raw or unripe fruit; it is very prejudicial.
10th. Avoid wet and damp.
11th. Wear flannel next your skin; and always have on warm clothing.
12th. Do not use cold medicines, such as epsom salts etc. rhubarb is far better.
13th. If you are taken ill with bowel complaint, do not neglect to send for meddical aid immediately; in the mean time send to me, and I will do the best I can for you.
14th. If any of you want lime to whitewash your houses, I will willingly supply it.